io che mangio cose a Parigi

Something about me

I am Giovanni from Tezze sul Brenta I like working and thinking about projects that can have a big positive impact on the world.

I studied programming at ITIS "E.Fermi" in Bassano del Grappa but I don't remember anything. After working as a computer scientist for two years I got tired and started university. I studied in the fantastic Sociology course at the University of Trento, for 6 months I escaped to Maastricht University for an echange program where we learned using Problem-Based Learning. Not to miss anything during the monsoon season I flew to Dakha in Bangaldesh where I did an internship at Grameen Bank.

Today I define myself as a project manager and sociologist.

Previously in Meta and now in TikTok to try to improve social networks.

Find out what jobs I have done.

Besides working.

I like to read, think, discuss anything deeply. I love growing terrariums, cooking veg-Mexican food, and dancing.

Besides doing nothing.

I write thoughts, try painting, lose money while investing in cryptocurrency, and have a personal investment wallet since 2019 (+13%).

Updated: 7 September 2023