I believe that every work I do should have a positive impact on society. It's important to work on the right problems.

The problems I want to work on are:

  • Fighting extreme poverty
    Diseases associated with extreme poverty, such as malaria and parasitic worms, kill millions of people every year. Poor nutrition in low-income countries can lead to cognitive impairment, birth defects and stunted growth.
  • Animal suffering
    The advent of industrialized agriculture means that billions of animals are kept in inhumane conditions on factory farms every year. Most of their lives end prematurely when they are slaughtered for food. Due to the sheer number of animals involved, making progress on this issue could avoid a great deal of suffering.
  • Improve access to education
    Education develops critical thinking. This is critical for teaching a person how to use logic when making decisions and interacting with people (e.g., increase creativity, improve time management). Education helps an individual live better.
  • Create a more empathetic society
    An individualistic society that pays little attention to the needs of other living beings leads to the destruction of the sense of community. Community is what has allowed human and animal society to progress. Creating a more empathetic society would ensure a better life for everyone.

Professional experiences

  1. Investigation Analyst/Program Management, Trust and Safety, TikTok

    - Investigate and deep dive into potential harmful threats/trends.
    - Assist with unplanned events and escalations.
    - Run investigations on planned events (i.e., Election impersonation).
    - Proactively investigate for violative trends, hashtags, keywords.
    - Write SQL queries to extract relevant data for investigations.
    - Write clear and detailed investigation’s reports and provide actionable insights and recommendations as part of the written report.
    - Use statistical approaches to analyze large amounts of data.
    - Build and maintain keyword strategies to reduce and eliminate risks.
    - Understand Tiktok content policies and work on improving them.

  2. Risk Management/Program Management, Global Operations, Meta

    - Working with various cross functional teams ranging from engineering teams to policy teams to work on sustainable solutions to make Meta platforms safer (Trust and Safety).
    - Utilising market specific knowledge, signals and insights to identify and scope scalable solutions to improve the support of our community of users in the EMEA market and the globe.
    - Developing and sharing subject matter expertise across areas of safety abuse.
    - Researching and utilising online and offline information to conduct investigations and develop ways to improve the overall user experience on our platforms.
    - Analysing data, events and trends in order to identify country, language and cultural insights and challenges.

  3. Project Manager, Consorzio ABN

    ABN is social enterprise and consortium of social cooperatives based in Perugia that develops projects with a positive social and environmental impact at local, national and European level.
    - Project manager of different projects (art exhibition, entrepreneurship for migrants, renewable energy communities).
    - Research of funding opportunities, analysis of calls for proposals, feasibility studies, partner search, drafting of project proposals, budgeting.

  4. Project Manager, SocialFare

    SocialFare | Centro per l'Innovazione Sociale is the first Italian center entirely dedicated to social innovation: through research, engagement and co-design it develops innovative solutions to pressing contemporary social challenges, generating new economy.
    - Coordinated acceleration programs for social entrepreneurial projects.
    - Managed consulting activities for social enterprises, with a focus on business model innovation and business development.
    - Facilitated social enterprises defining their Theory of Change process.

  5. Project Manager Intern, Grameen Bank

    Grameen Bank is is a microfinance organisation and community development bank founded in Bangladesh and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006.
    - Co-founder of the Grameen Green project, a project for the management and improvement of waste in the rural villages of Dhaka. Team coordinator (12 people).
    - Data collection and microcredit management in the rural areas of Bangladesh.

  6. Networks and Systems technician, University of Trento

    Management and maintenance of network systems and faculty servers.

  7. Systems engineer, Networks and server manager, Et.ics SRL

    Advanced management of server systems and corporate networks.


Degree in Sociology, Design and Social Innovation, University of Trento 2019


C, C++, C#, HTML, PHP, Phyton; R; Stata, SQL, CCNA Routing and Switching (Introduction to Networks), Office